Holy Hip Hop

from by Godswill

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This is my conversion song. Inspired when God gave me the green light to pursue my passion for his glory; not mine.


God’s Will feat. Godson
Intro: Say man. You know they say everything the devil meant for evil, God took it and he made it for good. But right now in this Hip-Hop music all I hear is destruction. But God finna take this and turn that around.
Verse 1: (God’s Will)
Holy hip-hoppin’ man I know that’s insane
But I’m goin’ against the grain droppin’ Jesus on your brain

Do you know where ya goin’, will you lead or will you follow?
Are you trapped in the belly of the beast of no tomorrow?

Just look thru Jesus eyes and you will see that there is hope
And it’s not in your liquor, meth, or marijuana smoke

It’s that Holy Ghost dope, come with me and take a toke
If ya Holy hip-hoppin’ turn this up and take some notes

I got Jesus in my heart, he’s the writer of my songs
He’s the reason everybody and they mama sing along

I’m just here to share the truth of his mercy and his grace
If you knew him like I know him you would praise him in this place

See I use to rap about hittin’ licks and hittin’ that block
But the Lord stepped in and told me son that got to stop

I said God this my passion and you know I got a lot
He said do it in my name and call it Holy Hip-Hop, so I’m

Hip, Hip-Hoppin’, Holy Hip-Hoppin’, Holy Hip-Hoppin’, Holy Hip, Hip-Hoppin’ (repeat x4)

Verse 2: (God’s Will)

Hallelujah is the highest praise, give him your highest praise
Submit your life to his will and you’ll see brighter days

I took a leap of faith, and now I’m livin’ proof
I’m reppin’ Christ and I’m still burnin’ down the booths

Ain’t nothin’ changed but the game, I’m livin’ righteous
I seek his face everyday, this walk is priceless
What he’s done for me in my life, it can’t be matched
Goin’ back to the way I use to live I can’t imagine that

So many feel like somethin’s lost, don’t know where to find it
Livin’ life without the Word of God is living blinded

Get back in your text book, tell me how you lining up
Take that Ephesians 6 armor, pull it out and shine it up

Take the bread, take the cup, first we eat then we sup
Do this in rememberance as often as you must, TRUST

Can’t nobody bring you out your bondage like the Lord can
When it comes to the God I serve ain’t nothin’ too hard, and we

Hip, Hip-Hoppin’, Holy Hip-Hoppin’, Holy Hip-Hoppin’, Holy Hip, Hip-Hoppin’ (repeat x4)

Verse 3: (Godson)

If this world could paint a picture then they’d color me bad
Tried to exclude the passion I got from my righteous dad

Can’t break me even if you toss me in jail
I come from behind bars and still give these devils hell

I got the mind of Apostle Peter and I ride like Paul
My sins was dirty, but now I’m shinin’ like a disco ball

I’m just fortunate to be a part of his army
Walkin’ ‘round confident that nobody can harm me

This ain’t global warmin’ more like global warnin’
I’m out here blowin’ the trumpet lettin’ ‘em know that Jesus comin’

Got all the demons runnin’ say bye-bye to the bad guy
I use to be the bad guy till the day I met the Rabbi

Went from secluded and looted to bein’ grounded and rooted
Yeah! The word is crucial I remain bein’ truthful and fruitful

Like my daddy, I’m stuntin’ like my daddy
But I ain’t doin’ for the paper, chrome rims, or the caddy

Believe me, when you see me mirror image of Jesus
Sewin’ the gospel like a seed, harvest the souls of heathens

Yeah! You know. Godson, God’s Will. Christ’d out representin’ to da fullest ya heard me…….

Hip, Hip-Hoppin’, Holy Hip-Hoppin’, Holy Hip-Hoppin’, Holy Hip, Hip-Hoppin’ (repeat x4)


from The Warning Shot, released July 6, 2012
Produced by God's Will. Written by God's Will and HisSon.



all rights reserved


Godswill Dallas, Texas

Houston born Dallas, TX native, God's Will (born Willie D. Murphy), is no rookie when it comes to rap music. He has been at his craft far longer than many of your favorites of the day. For as far back as he can remember, Will says "I've always been clever with written words. In school I use to write poems and my teachers would swear I took them from a book or something." ... more

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